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If you were to take a moment to evaluate the biggest changes that have been occurring within the property market, it would not take you long to realise that ground floor extensions have become an increasingly-frequent occurrence. Despite the initial costs which are associated with these installations, the benefits far outweigh these. Should you need any further convincing as to why this may be a prudent investment for you, allow Park Lane Extensions to offer an elaboration.

Boosted Privacy

Whilst this might not be something which comes to mind straight away, the fact of the matter is that, depending on the materials and design you opt for, it is possible for you to benefit from extra privacy, courtesy of your rear extension. Should you decide that you would like to limit the amount of glass, and instead stick true to your roots with traditional brick and mortar, you can reduce the visibility that the outside world has into your home. No longer will you have to worry about nosey neighbours peering in, analysing every small move you make within your own property.

Increases Property’s Desire

For those of you that have lived in the same property for a number of years, it is understandable that you may have become slightly disillusioned with your home. It may no longer give you the same level of excitement that it once did when you walked through the doors. A great way in which to try and recapture some of the magic is to look into the possibility of getting an extension. The living space can be designed however you see fit - for instance, you might decide to adopt an open plan living arrangement.  

Eliminates Need To Move

When you compare the length of time that is required to complete a top-tier house extension, with the weeks and months which are needed to find an appropriate new home, there is no need to debate which is the more-preferable course of action. If you have a family to take care of as well, the process is significantly more-complicated. Should you be someone that appreciates simplicity, we suggest that you give some serious thought towards a home extension.

Long-Term Financial Boost

Immediately, of course, your main concern regarding building an extension will be in relation to your finances. Unfortunately, even small extensions, when done to a first-class standard, can be fairly costly. That being said, there is no need to rule out this course of action straight away, particularly when you factor in the monetary gains that you can find further down the line. When you eventually decide to sell, you can expect the building work to add value to your home; not only will the market price be higher, but you can also expect a greater level of interest.

A Quick Introduction

Have you been struggling to source an interior design firm that also has the necessary tools to create first-class home extensions with ease? Do you find it hard to come up with extension ideas by yourself, and think that you could benefit from an injection of inspiration from a professional company? In circumstances such as these, the solution is obvious - solicit the services of Park Lane Extensions. 

We, in case you didn’t already know, are a company that is focused entirely on customer satisfaction. When we take on a project, it does not matter if you are looking for a side extension that stems from your dining room, or desire a glass extension from your kitchen that features sliding doors. The brief that you give us is something that we will be determined to bring to life. Any-and-all questions can be directed to us using the number 01604 791791.