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In times gone by, whenever the idea of ‘extending’ a property was brought up, people would immediately begin to consider the horizon potential. Whilst this is all well-and-good, it completely disregards the vertical possibilities, which are arguably greater and more interesting. As a company, Park Lane Extensions takes great pride in having been able to amass a healthy amount of experience in this particular field. Case-and-point, we will gladly walk you through some of the best loft extension ideas that have seen a rise in popularity.

Additional Bedroom

One of the main reasons that homeowners begin investigating the possibility of transforming their loft from a storage facility into additional living space, is because they are planning on welcoming a new member to the family. Rather than having to endure the hardships that are involved in relocating to a new property, it can sometimes be best to look to your loft space as a solution. This previously-untapped location can make for an excellent bedroom, thereby eliminating the need to stress yourself out about a possible move. Loft bedrooms have become incredibly trendy in recent years, and it is not difficult to see why. 

Top-Floor Kitchen

Those of you that are reading this, in search for top-tier loft conversion ideas, will no-doubt argue that the work which is involved in this particular idea is simply not worth the aggravation. However, provided you adhere to the relevant building regulations, you could potentially find that a top-floor kitchen is something that completely transforms your daily living routine. Not only this, but when the time comes to search for new pastures, this unique feature might serve to attract a greater audience.

Home Office

During the pandemic which has been caused by the outbreak of coronavirus over the past twelve months, you may have noticed that a large number of businesses have begun to get their employees to work from home. If you fall into this particular category, it might be worthwhile investigating the possibility of a dormer loft conversion that doubles-up as a home office. By creating a designated space within which to work, you can create an environment which promotes productivity, and ensures that you are well-away from any distractions.


If you are situated in a desirable location, one of the best things that you could do with your attic conversion is to install a luxurious bathroom. Couple a large bathtub with large windows, and what you are left with is a serene setting that you can simply relax in, and allow the stresses of the working day slowly-but-surely melt away. Although this will undoubtedly require planning permission, you can be rest-assured that the finished article will be worth the paperwork that you have to go through.

Our Services Explained

For those of you that are contemplating whether or not to push forward with converting your loft into a space which you can actually use, the next logical step is to solicit the services of a company that understands this particular profession. Your roof space is incredibly valuable, and you do not want it to be wasted due to poor project management. Thankfully, if you decide to entrust Park Lane Extensions with your conversion, you will be able to revel in an outcome which is, in a word, stunning. 

No matter the particular route that you want to go down, our contractors will work tirelessly to bring your vision to life. Want to discuss your ideas in further detail with a member of our team? Give us a call today on 01604 791791, and we will gladly help you come up with a plan.