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In the past, home extensions would be rather one-dimension in their composition; this was mainly down to the fact that contractors only had certain designs to go on, and this would limit your options. Thankfully, the amount of research that has been invested in this field has meant that homeowners throughout the country have subsequently been able to choose from numerous options. Below, courtesy of the Park Lane Extensions specialists, you can find some of the styles which might be to your liking. One thing is for certain - no matter which you opt for, when completed to a top-tier standard, they are fantastic to look at.   

Rear Extension

Most people would agree that rear extension projects are by far-and-away the most popular form of home improvement in the UK, and it is not hard to see why this is the case. With this course of action, you can drastically increase the overall size of your property, and this is not an opportunity that you want to miss out on. Perhaps you believe that a garden room is just what your home has been lacking; it could be that you wish for a kitchen extension that is fitted with sliding doors. Regardless of your wants or needs, this is a cost-effective way to improve your terraced house.  


Should you be looking to improve your home on a relatively tight budget, you may wish to investigate the possibility of constructing a porch. Although the size of this is not anything monumental, it can provide a better flow to your property. Rather than entering straight into the living room, for instance, this offers an opportunity to pause before walking in. Not only this, but you will find that your storage capabilities are improved dramatically.

Loft Conversion

Thanks to the lack of building regulations, loft conversions have slowly-but-surely been growing in popularity. These types of extensions are fantastic when you are trying to enhance the living space that is available to you. Regardless of whether you want to use this as an extra bedroom, or believe that the natural light that comes in is perfect for your home office, the end-result is an open plan area which has a wide-array of potential uses.  

Why Choose Us?

If you have come to a decision in regards to how you would like to extend your home, the next logical step involves identifying a firm that you believe can oversee the project with ease. In this respect, you would be hard-pressed to find a more suitable alternative than Park Lane Extensions. Not only can we help you with the necessary planning permission applications, but our building work is of the highest order. If you need any convincing of our credentials, we are sure that the vast number of Checkatrade testimonials that we have received should provide you with some reassurances.

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Have you been looking into the possibility of getting a property extension, but are unsure of who to turn to in order to make this dream a reality? Are you trying to find a contractor which can offer you a house extension design which, from a quality point-of-view, is first-class? If you find yourself in either of these situations, you need look no further for assistance than Park Lane Extensions. We would be privileged to oversee your project, and manage it in such a way that leaves you beaming from ear-to-ear. We recognise that before pushing forward, you may wish to chat to a member of our team about our capabilities. Here, we would suggest that you visit our website’s contact page, and follow the instructions provided - we cannot wait to hear from you.