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In the past, most people would associate ‘home extensions’ with those which are constructed outside the back of a property. Whilst these certainly remain popular to this day, there has been much interest generated by loft conversions. These transform previously forgotten roof spaces into spectacular rooms that can revolutionise the way in which you utilise your interior areas. Here to provide some valuable insight into the advantages that can be enjoyed from this type of project, are the Park Lane Extensions experts - we hope that this provides you with some much-needed clarity.

Excellent For Value

Though this may be a benefit which you will not see for months, if not years, into the future, you cannot disregard the fact that investing in transforming your loft space can have fantastic financial repercussions. When you eventually come to list your property on the market, this is a feature that prospective buyers will be enticed by. Loft bedrooms, for instance, have become a trendy interior design feature, and this might help you to attract lucrative offers. Regardless of the type of loft conversion that you opt for, it is important to keep in mind that you should have no trouble recouping your investment further down the line.

Array Of Styles

As we have already touched upon, when you are looking to convert a loft into a usable space you have the opportunity to pick from a wide-range of designs. Some of these are property-specific; for instance, if you live in a house that has a slanted roof, you will need to look into the possibility of a hip-to-gable conversion. Should you be interested in a slightly more simple project, a dormer loft conversion will be ideal for your terraced house. 

Improved Insulation

In case you have not had an opportunity to take a closer look at loft conversion plans in the past, it is important that you recognise that you will need to take the necessary steps to properly insulate your new room. This is something that will be stipulated in the relevant building regulations. However, you should not view this in a negative light, as it can have a fantastic impact on your property’s overall insulating capabilities. The knock-on effect of this is that, over time, you will witness a dramatic reduction in the size of your heating bills.

Diverse Usage

One of the primary motivations for homeowners in the UK, in regards to why they look to push forward with a loft conversion, is that the possibilities are seemingly-endless in terms of how it can be used. Some people believe that this is a space which is ideal for a master bedroom, provided that the head height is reasonable. Alternative, you may feel that the remote nature of this room is perfect for the home office that you have always desired. Loft rooms can be decorated however you see fit - there is no right or wrong answer.

We’re Here For You

Understandably, if this is a course of action that you are considering taking, you will want the best loft extension available to you. In order to make this a reality, it is vital that you solicit the services of a contractor with the necessary experience and tools. In truth, the only name that you need to be familiar with in this industry is that of Park Lane Extensions. Having managed hundreds of projects over the years, we will create an open-plan space which brings a smile to your face each-and-every time you go up there. Why not submit a completed enquiry form today, and get the ball rolling?