Whenever you go for a walk around your local neighbourhood, the chances are that you will see a number of properties that have had external work completed in recent years. Extensions are fast-becoming a highly-desirable commodity, and this stems from the numerous benefits that are associated with them. However, there are some advantages that do not get spoken about enough - here at Park Lane Extensions, we want to try to provide our audience with some much-needed clarity on the subject.

Hassle-Free Solution

If you were to consider the level of stress that is involved in moving to a new property, you would quickly come to the realisation that this is not something that you want to rush into. However, you will naturally still be looking for a way in which to increase the size of your living space. In these types of situations, investing in building an extension for your existing house is a shrewd course of action to take. The additional square footage should suffice for another couple of years, and this time will prove to be invaluable.

Flexible Designs

Whilst there are various showrooms up-and-down the country within which you can browse prospective extension designs, it is important that you recognise that these are just blueprints. On your project, you have final say as to what the style and layout will be; you will be hard-pressed to find another option that allows you this amount of freedom. Through this method, you can tailor your extension to specifically meet the needs of your family - whether this relates to a kitchen extension, or having a garden room, is up to you.

Offers Additional Value

What you cannot disregard, whether you live in a Victorian terraced house of a modern semi-detached house, is the way that top-tier extensions can significantly drive up the value of a property. It is for this reason that extensions have slowly-but-surely developed the label of being ‘cost-effective’, and rightfully so. Even when you factor in the relatively steep extension costs, these pale in comparison to the alternatives. Not only this, but when the time comes to sell, you will find it easy to recoup your investment without any trouble, making it a relative no-brainer.

Stylish Option

Provided that you enlist the help of a renowned contractor, you should not need to worry about the overall result of your open-plan living extension being anything less than first-class. When you look at the spectacular sliding doors that usually adorn the back of these installations, as well as the skylights which allow natural light to stream in day-in, day-out, it is not difficult to see why these are fast-becoming one of the most popular home improvements. As far as building work goes, this deserves to be at the top of your list of priorities.

Our Services Explained

Hopefully, you should now have developed a well-rounded understanding regarding why extension projects are becoming incredibly popular amongst British homeowners. If you would like to join this community, and be left with a smile on your face, it is vital that you choose a company that has operated within this industry for a number of years. In circumstances such as this, the only name that you need to be aware of is Park Lane Extensions. To us, it does not matter if you are after a traditional back-of-house extension, or desire a porch that improves the aesthetics of the front of your property. We care about ensuring that your needs are catered to; feel free to call us today on 01604 791791 if you have any questions about our services.