You might have noticed, over the past few years, that the number of homeowners that are deciding to put their hard-earned savings towards home improvements has grown considerably. This is not a coincidence; extensions are functional, whilst also providing a boost to your home’s exterior appearance. Here at Park Lane Extensions, we are convinced that if you have sufficient finances, you should turn your attention towards an installation built entirely out of structural glass. You can find our reasoning for this down below - we hope that this helps you to make an informed decision.

First-Class Visuals

In case you were previously unaware, there are numerous materials that can be incorporated into a modern rear extension - namely, these tend to be uPVC and brickwork. However, although structurally sound, neither of these particular options can match the wonderful aesthetics that are possessed by double-glazed extensions. Whether you opt for just a glass roof, or prefer to stay true to the theme and invest in a glass box extension, one thing is for certain. Once the project is completed, you will be the envy of everyone that lives in the near vicinity; people won’t be able to help but stop and stare at the finished article.

Acoustic Protection

What many people fail to realise. In relation to modern conservatories that have glass walls, is that the double-glazed panes are fantastic from an insulating perspective. Not only does this relate to thermal efficiency, allowing you to save on your heating bills - it also ensures that you no-longer have to be subjected to the racket of the traffic passing by your home. Should you be someone that enjoys a bit of peace-and-quiet at the weekend when relaxing, this is the solution for you.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

For those of you that have not kept up-to-date with the current interior design trends, allow us to provide you with a quick insight into the most popular options currently circulating. Indoor-outdoor living is viewed to be the way of the future, as it provides a seamless transition between your living room and your well-groomed garden. However, in order to bring this effect to life, it is imperative that you invest in an extension which, at the very least, is fitted with bifolding doors or sliding doors. Whilst closed, the glass panels give you an uncompromised view; when they are opened up, you are truly able to revel in the improved atmosphere.

Improved Temperature Regulation

Once your new home improvement has been completed, the likelihood is that you will be planning to spend a large amount of your free time here. Not only will this be during the warmer summer months, but also when the temperature begins to drop later in the year. This means that your living space needs to be able to remain at a comfortable temperature month-after-month - the best way to achieve this is to have glass doors installed. By doing this, your garden room can benefit from warm natural light, whilst also retaining thermal energy in an effective fashion.  

We’re Here To Help

Despite what you might have heard, there is not a great number of firms that are recognised to be high-quality providers of glass house extensions in the UK. Naturally, you will want the opportunity to browse through a wide-range of designs before coming to a decision as to which will routinely put a smile on your face. If you would like to make this a reality, it is hard to think of a more suitable company to collaborate with than Park Lane Extensions. Why not follow the contact instructions on our website today and educate yourself further about how we can be of assistance?