If this is your first time investigating home extensions, you might be surprised to learn that they are not that simple to erect. Before you are left to enjoy your installations, there are a number of planning phases that you have to work through; if you neglect any of these, the likelihood is that you will come across an obstacle that you simply cannot navigate. You will be pleased to hear that you do not have to go through this alone; the wonderful Park Lane Extension specialists are here to guide you through the most important processes.

Design Exploration

When you are first deliberating about the merits regarding extension projects, it is important that you get a firm grasp of the types of designs that are available to you. In order to make this a reality, you need to ensure that you take the necessary time to explore all of the options that your prospective contractor has to offer. By taking this step, you eliminate the possibility of being left with a living space that does not conform to your home’s existing style; instead, the finished article will blend seamlessly in with the current decor, both internally and externally.

Planning Permission

Whilst it is true that not all construction work that takes place on residential ground needs planning permission, this is not an area that you will want to be lax with. Failure to take into account the relevant building regulations could drastically impede your chance to create your dream home. Thankfully, the vast-majority of high-quality extension contractors are able to liaise with the relevant local authority, meaning that you won’t have to worry about shouldering the burden alone - we are sure that this will be music to your ears.

Neighbour Consultation

Having operated in this field for many years, we cannot tell you the number of home-extension incidents that have been ruined by the failure to inform neighbours of the planned work. Should you want the peace-of-mind that your project will be able to proceed uninterrupted, we suggest that you take the time to chat to your neighbours about your plans. From a legal perspective, you are required to do this under the Party Wall Act. Therefore, this is not simply something which falls under the bracket of common courtesy - it also ensures that you are not going to be subjected to a legal case further down the line.

Project Execution

Once you have completed all of the above steps, there is only one thing that is left to do - complete the installation. Whether you have determined that you are in dire need of a kitchen extension, or you believe that a garden room can provide you with the space needed to stave off moving home for a few years, this type of project, when completed to the highest standard, will both look and function exceptionally well.

Need More Information?

Taking the decision to invest in a house extension in Northampton is not one that you should make lightly. In order to ensure that you are left with a finished article that puts a smile on your face, yet remains cost-effective, you might like to solicit the services of Park Lane Extensions. With years of experience under our belt, coupled with the fact that we are routinely praised for our competitive prices, it is hard to see a downside to collaborating with our team. 

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