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Were you to take a moment to think about the areas of your home within which you spend the vast majority of your time, the chances are that your response would be one of two answers; either you would look to your bedroom, or it would be the kitchen that springs to mind. If you fall into the latter category, you might like to cast your eye over the various different kitchen extensions that you can currently invest in. This can improve your existing property in a seemingly endless amount of ways; below, the Park Lane Extensions team have taken the liberty of highlighting the most attractive ones.

Cost-Effective Investment

One of the main reasons that homeowners are reluctant to pursue this course of action is due to the fact that, from first glance, it can be a rather costly venture. Whilst this can be true to some degree, it is important that you realise the long-term financial benefits that can be enjoyed. When you extend your home, you are giving yourself an opportunity to make a profit further down the line; this is because the moment that you list your property on the market, prospective buyers will immediately be drawn towards your exceptional kitchen-diner.

Greater Space

When you sit down for a moment and weight up the pros and cons associated with a kitchen extension, it is impossible to ignore the way in which this can provide you with greater space to work with on the ground floor. Never again will you and your family have to feel claustrophobic within the confines of your own home. Instead, you can easily fit a large dining table into your new extension; depending on your budget, now may be the optimal time to look at a total renovation of your kitchen, so that you can adhere to an open plan scheme.

Inclusive Cooking

Despite being a benefit that routinely flies under the radar when homeowners are debating about getting a rear extension that joins onto the kitchen, we believe this to arguably be the most positive ramifications of your investment. With a larger kitchen, you no longer have to assign the cooking duties onto one individual. As a family unit, you can bond over making meals with one another; as time goes on, you will find that this lifts the atmosphere in your home to new heights.

Improvised Lighting

Whilst there are certainly various different types of extension plans that you can browse through, there is one theme that tends to run through the vast majority of them. Namely, the way in which glass panes are integrated into the final design, so as to allow natural light to come flooding in. Rather than having to rely on electrical light fittings, which will certainly see your energy bills sky-rocketing, you can bathe in the warm light of the sun all year round.

How Can We Be Of Assistance?

If you are searching for a way in which to increase the value of your existing house, whilst also ensuring that you have a sufficient amount of living space for the foreseeable future, the solution is relatively simple - enlist the help of Park Lane Extensions to produce a high-end house extension design for you. From the moment that you begin your journey with us, we will endeavour to shoulder the majority of responsibility. No longer will you have to worry about planning permission, nor will you need to experience a dramatic rise in the extension cost. To bring us in to take control of your extension project, all you need to do is call our representatives directly on 01604 791791.