When your family grows and space becomes tight in your house, you might think about moving. But saying goodbye to your family home is tough, not to mention stressful and expensive. A home extension is a fantastic way to maximise space and makes your home much more functional for a growing family. If you’re unsure whether an extension is the right fit for your home in Northampton, here are some important benefits to consider.

Utilise space more effectively

Whether you have a large garden or a smaller yard, you might worry about losing outdoor space by adding an extension. However, the truth is that extending your home will utilise your property’s space much more effectively.  You’ll be surprised how little space a functional extension takes up, especially if you are thinking about extending to the side.  Our team will be able to assess your current space and show you exactly how much of your garden will be taken up by an extension to give you a better idea of how the space will look. 

Add more living space

Whether you desperately need a playroom for your small children or you have older kids who want their own space, adding more living space to your home will make it a much nicer place for everyone. Having just one area when you have a growing family can feel cramped, which is why many of our clients choose an extension to give a second, spacious living space. 

Create another bedroom

Additional bedrooms are not only functional but will add significant value to your home. In fact, it can add up to 15% of your home’s value! As your family grows, you might end up sacrificing a guest room or maybe have kids sharing a bedroom. An extension can easily give another bedroom, giving more space for your family or a relaxing place for guests to stay when they visit. 

Update and modernise

A well-executed extension can make a home feel lighter, brighter, and more spacious. Many of our clients live in terraced houses that can feel dark and narrow. By adding just a small extension to the back of the property, we can help flood your home with natural light and create a modern, updated kitchen or living space. 

Extra storage

The number one complaint we hear from homeowners is a lack of storage. Most UK homes come with small storage cupboards and wardrobes that just can’t sustain most families.  By adding an extension to your home, we can design functional, spacious storage solutions that help you keep your home organised. Whether you need to store books or kayaks, we can help you come up with innovative solutions that incorporate more storage into your new extension. 

Talk to the experts about a home extension

If you’ve been thinking about getting an extension on your home but you’re not sure about the cost involved, we’re here to help. At Park Lane Home Extensions, we have years of experience designing and building extensions and a fantastic reputation here in Northampton.  To get a free consultation with one of our experts, get in touch today and we’ll organise an appointment that suits you.