There will come a time in every family’s life when the debate begins: should you extend your home or move to a bigger place? Clients in Nottingham come to us when they need more space but don’t want to say goodbye to their family home.  However, it’s important that an extension not only provides extra space but boosts the property’s value at the same time. If you’re thinking about extending, here are the best home extensions that will add value to your property. 

Home extensions that increase your property’s value

There are certain house extensions that will add more value to your home. The top five are:
  • Additional bedroom: 20% increase in value
  • Extended kitchen: 15-20% increase in value
  • Loft conversion: 15% increase in value
  • More living space: 10% increase in value
  • Additional bathroom: 5% increase in value

Additional bedroom

According to half of all estate agents, the best extension you can have on your home is an additional bedroom. This can add an impressive 20% to your home’s value.  To put that in context, the average price of a home in Nottingham is £240526, which means a bedroom extension could add £48,105 to your property’s value.  The best way to maximise this value is by adding a master bedroom with an en-suite. But any type of bedroom will add significant value. 

Extended kitchen

Open-plan living is becoming increasingly sought-after in the UK, so extended kitchens are a massive selling point.  By having a single-storey extension on the back of your home and having a spacious kitchen/dining/living area, you can add up to 20% to your home’s value.  This extension is best if you currently have a narrow, small kitchen. Extending an already large, spacious kitchen won’t add the same amount of value. 

Lost conversions

A loft conversion is a more affordable extension option that can give you an impressive return on your investment. The average loft conversion costs around £20,000 to complete but can add around £36,000 in value.  The best part is a loft conversion counts as another bedroom when planned and constructed correctly, but can be used for anything. This is a great option for growing families looking for more living space.  Dormer windows are the best option when doing a loft conversion, which will mean the space can be used as a master bedroom for resale purposes. 

Living space or bathroom

Although additional living space or a downstairs loo don’t add as much value as the other options, both can make a home much more functional for a growing family.  A separate playroom for your kids or a downstairs wet room for your pets will still add up to 10% value and can make your home significantly more functional when planned professionally. 

Get a free consultation for your extension

No matter what type of extension you’re looking for, we know how to maximise space and add real value to any property. With decades of experience, our team at Park Lane Extensions are the leading contractor for quality extensions in Nottinghamshire.  Contact us today to get a free consultation and we’ll give you an estimate for your extension. If you’re unsure what is possible for your property, we are happy to talk you through your options.