Older conservatories tend to have a lot of issues. They’re too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, and become a walkway to the garden. On the other hand, an extension is valuable real estate that adds value to a property and is a much more useable space. The question is, can you replace your conservatory with an extension? In this post, we’ll answer all you’re questions. 

Can I replace my conservatory with an extension?

If you adhere to local planning regulations, you can replace a conservatory with an extension. There are a few different approaches you can take, depending on what you want to achieve:

Remodel your conservatory

If your conservatory is in good condition, it might seem like a shame to tear it down and replace it. In this case, you could opt for a quick remodel by replacing the doors, widening the opening to the rest of your home, or raising the thresholds, so it feels part of the space. 

Replace the roof

If you’re tired of your conservatory getting too hot in the sun, but you need to keep costs down, you might be able to just replace the roof. If the walls are in sound condition, this can make the conservatory feel like a new extension for a more affordable price. 

Replace the conservatory

If your conservatory is old, you can demolish it and replace it with a new extension. This is the most expensive option but gives you the most freedom to create a functional, modern extension.  Many people decide to keep a lot of glass in the new extension to give a modern appeal, but you could also build a standard extension with windows, roof lights, patio doors, etc. 

Do I need planning permission to replace a conservatory with an extension?

In many cases, replacing your conservatory with an extension won’t require planning permission since it falls under permitted development. However, it will depend on the type of project you’re aiming for.  As a professional building team, we can advise you on whether or not your project will need planning permission, and if it does, we can help you with the application

Will I need new foundations when replacing a conservatory?

This depends on how deep the foundations are for your conservatory and the soil type. We’ll be able to check the depth of your conservatory foundations and let you know if they’re adequate for the type of extension you want.  To do this, we dig a trial pit in front of the structure, which shows us the depth of the current foundations. If they’re fine, we can use these and save considerable time and money on the project. 

Get a free assessment 

Taking out an old, unused conservatory and replacing it with a functional, well-planned extension will add value to your property and make it much more useable.  If you want to know whether it’s possible to replace your conservatory with an extension, call us today. We’ll arrange a convenient time to assess your conservatory, walk you through your options, and give you an estimate for the project.