Architects provide a great service for complex build projects and can help you maximise space in awkward areas. But if you’re planning a straightforward build, you might wonder if you need an architect to build an extension at all. This is a common dilemma many homeowners face when planning building work, so we’re here to clear up some of the confusion. 

Is an architect required for an extension?

Many extensions fall under permitted development and don’t need planning permission. Many are also fairly straightforward plans that don’t require much design work. In this case, you might not need an architect.  However, skipping drawing up plans for your extension is never a good idea. A design professional is needed to ensure your plans are functional and that a build team can follow them. 

What does an architect provide?

An architect will draw up plans for your extension. This includes dimensions, materials, and any important information for engineers to know about weight distribution, structural walls, etc.  If you’re not familiar with architecture, it’s important to go to a professional for your design plans. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need an architect for simple domestic extensions. 

So I can work directly with a build team?

This will depend on the type of build team you work with. At Park Lane Extensions, we provide a full package service that includes planning and design drawings for our clients.  This means that you can come straight to us and forgo an architectural firm. It will save time and costs on the project and ensures you have one point of contact for the entire project.  Having an in-house design service means there is no confusion between the design and build team, and any setbacks in the project can be rectified more quickly. 

Will a build team use plans I already have from an architect?

Absolutely! If you’ve found an architectural firm you want to work with to design your extension, your build team will be able to work off the plans they provide. They’ll also be able to liaise with that firm in the event of problems during the build. 

Talk to our in-house design team

We have a team committed to excellence at Park Lane Extensions. Our in-house design team will work alongside you to create the best possible design for your extension.  Even the smallest extension can make a drastic difference to a home’s functionality, and we aim to maximise space while incorporating modern design elements in each of our projects.  With our full design, management, and build service, we take care of everything, making your extension project stress-free. For inspiration, head to our project gallery to see some photos of our past extension projects.