Conservatories became popular centuries ago when the wealthy discovered citrus fruits imported from warmer climates. Today, they are far less popular and a bit of a nuisance if they aren’t built correctly. But this drop in popularity doesn’t mean glazed extensions are out of style. In fact, more and more people are deciding to add a modern glazed extension to their homes. But what is a glazed extension exactly, and how is one designed?

What is a glazed extension?

A glazed extension (also known as a glass extension) is a contemporary build that incorporates striking glazing elements. Some have entire glass walls, and others have beautiful glazing on the roof.  The goal is to flood the extension with natural light and make it feel like part of the garden.  However, glazed extensions are much more functional than conservatories and can be used comfortably year-round. 

How much does a glass extension cost?

It’s hard to give an average price because the cost will depend on the size and the amount of glazing incorporated into the design. In general, the more glass, the higher the project cost.  Roughly, you can expect to spend around £3,000 per square metre for a glass extension. However, we can give you a much more accurate estimate by visiting your property and assessing the details of the project. 

Do you need planning permission for a glazed extension?

Planning permission for a glazed extension is usually the same as planning permission for a regular extension. As long as the plans comply with local regulations, there shouldn’t be an issue.  Many extension projects fall within permitted planning regulations and don’t need planning permission. We’ll be able to advise you whether or not your project will need to be approved by the local authority. 

Who can build a glazed extension?

Glazed extensions are more specialised than regular extensions, so it’s important to work with an experienced build team that is familiar with using large-scale glazing.  At Park Lane Extensions, we are known for our modern extensions and regularly incorporate glazing into the designs. You can see some of our past projects in our project gallery

What are the building regulations for a glass extension?

There are specific regulations in place for glazing in any extension. Even double or triple glazing systems lose heat more rapidly than walls, and this means the build needs to have high thermal efficiency to comply with building regulations.  Another issue covered by regulations is glare and solar gain in the summer. Often, specialised solar glass is needed to compensate, or blinds need to be incorporated to meet these criteria.  Again, we’ll be able to walk you through the regulations involved and make sure every aspect of the project meets all guidelines. 

Will a glazed extension work on my house?

Adding more glass to an extension is a great way to make a statement and add real appeal to your home. If you’re curious whether a glazed extension is right for your home, call our team today. We’ll arrange a free consultation, assess your property, and talk through your ideas with you - obligation-free.